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August 2010 analysis of China market attention sterilizer
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Internet consumer research center on the August 2010 ZDC sterilizer in China market concern about the monitoring of user data, combo, million and the United States is most concerned about three major sterilizer user brands, the proportion of other concerns more than a dozen brands Were below 10%. Disinfection cabinet of different specifications ,51-100L capacity products account for nearly Qicheng concerned, the highest attention to the mainstream user. Price concerns, the price of 1,000 yuan and less concerned about the ratio of products was 42.0%, higher than Price of other products. • Herbalife get the attention ratio of 41.7%, ahead of runner-million and 29.8% • combo, million, and its most popular products are embedded combo sterilizer ZTP108E-11T (1), million and ZTD108E-35 • 50-100L capacity products concern among mainstream users, 67.2% concerns the proportion of • 1000 million and less concerned about the price of products, the highest proportion, 42.0%; 1001-2000 per second highest priced products, compared to 35.0% interest