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Disinfection of the Chinese people will be upgraded
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Disinfection has become a modern society, people can not live without an important part, not just food and dining utensils need to be disinfected, and even our daily supplies, living space, public environment and so need to be disinfected. However, Ordinary people in everyday life is a common high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet light irradiation sterilization, alcohol disinfection, chemical disinfection of means of disinfection, etc., or the limitations of large, or complex or unsafe to use, especially in a variety of epidemic Epidemic situation, how helpless we are ah. Whether there is safe and effective, but also broad-spectrum disinfectant and sterilization methods? United Nations, WHO and FAO early in 1992 announced to the world's most safety and environmental protection of the fourth generation of chlorine dioxide disinfectant And its security level is defined as A1, even if they are eating is also very safe. In fact, in many developed countries, chlorine dioxide has been licensed and widely used in drinking water disinfection, food sterilization, and other areas of public places, in the United States, Canada, Japan, Western Europe has approved the chlorine dioxide used in food processing industry and the public environment and other areas of disinfection. However, due to inappropriate storage and transportation of chlorine dioxide, the production process is complex, difficult to achieve safe and convenient access anytime, anywhere, so by large-scale production of chlorine dioxide equipment only in the drinking water plant and food Processing plant and other industrial areas were able to use ordinary people can not enjoy the high chlorine dioxide disinfection of environmental protection. For this reason, many countries are of great efforts to promote civilian chlorine dioxide technology. We're very excited that the red ladybugs Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou newly developed portable chlorine dioxide disinfection machine is only slightly larger than the microwave, it is a portable, safe, inexpensive as one of the new disinfection equipment, and even Ordinary housewife can be as simple as operating washing machines, housewives can not only use chlorine dioxide gas sterilization can also be disinfected using its water-soluble diluent. Red ladybug 007 portable hair of chlorine dioxide disinfection machine Ming, for safety and environmental protection of chlorine dioxide disinfectant widely used in the civilian market and create the conditions. To make this with people's lives as soon as possible to promote technological innovation, the project was included in the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund focus on supporting the 2010 plan to increase the development and promotion efforts. I believe in the near future , Our cars, houses, household items, etc., can easily use chlorine dioxide disinfection, disinfection of the Chinese people will also be red ladybug with the promotion of chlorine dioxide disinfection and comprehensive upgrades, more secure, more Effective, more broad-spectrum disinfectant era of green will soon come to the Chinese people's side, green technology will make life better.