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Many disinfection are done not have on tableware body " birthday "
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Wei lane on September 8 basis of hot line message " Shandong province meal provides disinfection to serve orgnaization sanitation to ask (try out) " relevant provision, the meal after disinfection provides the content such as method of the name that ought to tag disinfection to serve an orgnaization on the smallest consumer package, address, disinfection and alexipharmic date, expiration period, but the public house that the reporter visited Wei lane much home 8 days to use alexipharmic dinner service, discover many disinfection do not have indicative disinfection date and expiration period on tableware. 
As we have learned, ministry of Public Health of the our country since 2002 edits and carry out " alexipharmic government measure " regulation, alexipharmic service orgnaization must be obtained to provincial and wholesome service " wholesome licence " just can open business, after obtaining corresponding qualificatory letter square but mount guard works. But rose in year 2004 oneself, our country " administration allows a law " in the project that the administration that cancel examines and approve, " alexipharmic government measure " the qualification maintains alexipharmic service personnel of the regulation to be included among them, this means disinfection to serve the disinfection of the orgnaization to serve personnel qualification not to need aptitude to maintain, namely meal provides disinfection to serve an orgnaization not to need application " wholesome licence " can manage, because this meal has manufacturing position of disinfection technological process of non-standard, disinfection is unqualified, from quality of personnel of course of study not professional in waiting for a phenomenon to appear in this industry.
8 days, the reporter visited many of road of Wei lane culture and anxiety river road medium-sized public house, the alexipharmic dinner service that discovery uses inside most hotel disinfects date and expiration period without designation, some addresses that join manufacturer even did not undertake designation. The reporter is in east wind east the discovery inside a restaurant of the street, what this restaurant uses is one is called " sanitation of rich spring of Wei lane city disinfects a center " offerred alexipharmic dinner service, above only indicative " disinfect tableware " with the phone, the address to disinfecting manufacturer, disinfection means that disinfects tableware did not undertake tagging, and bag mount also did not produce date and expiration period. The reporter interviewed partial citizen randomly, discover major citizen does not know to disinfect the manufacturing date on tableware.
   Sanitation of Wei lane city supervises a staff member introduction of place, although meal disinfects service orgnaization not to need to obtain " wholesome licence " , but it is good that the country still stipulates concerned branch wants to do sequel is supervised and join the job, prevent management to be out of line. To unqualified enterprise the announcement is rectified and reform, serious person undertake condemnatory by relevant provision. (editor: Sun Shuwei)
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