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Is tincture of iodine divided what effect is there still outside using disinfect
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A lot of people think tincture of iodine just gives or take an injection or skin of the disinfection before the operation is used, actually this is one of utility of tincture of iodine only. In daily life, tincture of iodine can use treatment a lot of indisposition.
Tincture of iodine changes potassium to dissolve by iodic, iodine make at alcohol solution. Iodine is a kind of solid, iodine changes potassium to conduce to iodine dissolving mediumly in alcohol. The chroma of iodine of city carry out is 2 % .
Tincture of iodine has exterminate pathogen action formidably, it can make the protein of pathogen produces denaturation. Tincture of iodine can exterminate protozoon of bacterium, fungus, virus, amoeba to wait, can use treatment the dermatosis such as a lot of bacterium sexes, fungus sex, virus sex.
Skin disease of bacterial infection sex is golden lubricious grape coccus is easy invade wool bursa, form in wool bursa mouth small pustular, central hairiness hair is crossed, common weighs folliculitis. Good hair at scalp, facial, coxal, limb. Can order besmear affected part with 2 % iodine, daily 4 ~ 5. Nod Tu Shi every time, let dip in the cotton lot that has tincture of iodine keeps 1 ~ 2 minutes in affected part, the osmosis with benefit medicaments and absorb. Tincture of iodine treats folliculitis, often 2 ~ 3 days can be successful. If had been not formed in folliculitis pustular before use, the effect is much better. Needing those who remind people is, it is certain that tincture of iodine has excitant, can stimulate skin pigment cell
Secrete pigment, the meeting on the skin after using leaves provisionality pigment ad cool-headed spot. Facial acne patient (common weighs whelk) infection of coccus of grape of yellow of Chang Jifa gold, cause wool bursa and sebaceous glands phlogistic, occurrence folliculitis or furuncle are swollen. Right now, can nod besmear with 1 % iodine (1 % iodine makes up a law: 90 % or 75 % alcohol are joined in 2 % iodine, with 1  the chroma dilute of 1 is become. Be like 10 milliliter in 2 % iodine, join agitate of 10 milliliter alcohol to be become equably) . Because facial skin is corneous the layer is thinner, medicaments is permeated easily and absorb, so 1 % iodine does not affect the result that fight bacterium, and cause pigment not easily ad cool-headed.
Paronychia of bacterial sex paronychia is fingernail all round the inflammation of parenchyma, go because of ripping more agnail of cutaneous of fingernail root ministry (go against pare) , or stab fingernail all round parenchyma and cause. When rising first, all round fingernail red, swollen, hot, painful, can form abscess later. Forming abscess previously, can cure with 2 % iodine. Affected part of even Tu Yu, daily 4, face everyday at the same time Shi Fu of 2 % iodine is used one hour before sleeping. Wet apply method is: Take liquid of gauze dip iodine, with dripping water is degree, skin of clingy affected part, shi Fu a hour.
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