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6 dishes of water disinfect a company to meet with repeatedly " accident "
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[author: Anon. article origin: Hits of Guizhou Metropolis Daily: 4]

  Approve a client to discover in two wine shop the hairiness on alexipharmic tableware is sent early or late together; The company is failed bad by stone for van...

  6 dishes of water disinfect a company to meet with repeatedly " accident "

Golden Guizhou online dispatch recently, 6 dishes of water disinfect a company to encounter one after another " accident " : Same approve a client to be early or late when have dinner of two wine shop, the disinfection that offers in this company discovers hairiness is sent on tableware; One when follow this company is broken bad with stone for van; Later the alexipharmic tableware sanitation that someone calls this publicly the company closes nevertheless. On September 11, the reporter undertook interviewing at this point. Approve a client twice together " complain "

As we have learned, this disinfection company that is complained is 6 dishes of Shui Jianjie disinfection serves finite liability company.

Home Zhang Wei says this company chief, late on September 4, the boss of a wine shop hits call report to say, 78 clients discover hair when wine shop uses alexipharmic dinner service. His immediately is taking client department manager to show up participate in mediation. Arrived after the spot, client department manager discovers, the hair on tableware is somebody is stuck intentionally with glue those who go up. They raise doubt at once, but the client must disinfect a company to recoup a loss.

Zhang Jiawei says, the compensatory requirement of this group of client is " arrangement includes to have a meal, sing, the one continuous line that bathes inside serves " . At this point, they are absolutely decline, supervise the case to sanitation of city of 6 dishes of water a report. Before long, sanitation supervises place to execute the law personnel hurries to wine shop, the dinner service that delivers hairiness takes away an examination.

After two days, zhang Jiawei received the report with same chief of another wine shop again. He hurries to the spot again, discovery informs against what there is hair on tableware to help a client then last namely. This, the requirement that they raise is: Alexipharmic company should compensate for them everybody is 1200 yuan. Kind in stern words rejects Zhang Tong. Company freight car meets with person " sneak attack "

On September 8 morning, home Zhang Wei discovers those who stop outside company factory building to be thrown suddenly for van stone was bungled. Before union two inform against, he is faint feel: This a series of seeing be like irrelevant behavior, somebody engineers the likelihood. Home Zhang Wei points to distrustful look person of the same trade.

He tells a reporter: Current, 6 dishes of water have 3 tableware to disinfect a company inside downtown the city zone, each other the competition between is very intense. "Especially on September 9 afternoon, one client is mirrorred to us, the hotel that says its are managed came a gang person, this group of people are inside wine shop advocate: If why is the product of company of be good at clean differred, how the product of another company is like why good, hope hotel controller cancels the collaboration with company of be good at clean, form long-term strategic partner with them... "
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