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Few hundred percent silk market can be burned or disinfected the veracity of t
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North wind whistling sudden drop in temperature, ushered in today's "snow" solar terms, warm winter clothing approach in addition to Tim, that is, winter is a buy, and nature sets light, soft, thin as one of the natural fibers, known as " The second human skin, "the reputation of its silk is more warmth, more lightweight characteristics being sought after, many people buy into a hot commodity. This reporter recently visited the market, it is found to be an array of silk, your asking price more than 2000, only one or two hundred dollars cheaper. With a silk, why prices are so huge it? This is what is hidden inside another "trick" it? Survey: silk quilt silk strong sales by more doping in Recently, this reporter visited a number of department stores in Zhengzhou city, and large supermarkets, in the bedding area, the reporter saw the packaging indicated significant differences between the price of silk. In the Third Way, a comprehensive shopping plaza bedding shop, told reporters that the need to purchase a number of silk being made, the store immediately to the press 3 recommended price of 175 yuan to 360 yuan in the silk, quilt weight is 2 to 3 kg. "We have been selling well here is silk, and some have been out of stock." Shop assistant said. "You're the content of this silk number ah?" The reporter asked. The owner was rather calm in the corner of the quilt zipper pull, said: "This is the detection angle is really nothing if hundred percent silk, not afraid to look!" "This year, purchase prices soaring silk, silk but also the most common 100 Multiple pound, four jin you dare to re-sell two to three hundred quilt? "ugly face some shop assistant, said:" The original price of 175 yuan more than 300 quilts, and now engaged in activities, with 30% silk, silk is 300 yuan is more than 500 original, with 50% silk. " "This year the purchase price of cotton and silk have gone up, and now the silk is more or less a mix of artificial fibers, which are the industry's modus operandi." The clerk explained. Journalists in the survey also noted that the filling of these silk label column, indicating the silk content from 50% to 100%, although the high and low price, but without exception, can get 5 to 8 fold concessions. Secret: hundred percent silk is very little hidden secret test port Yesterday, the reporter also visited the Zhengzhou Textile World, a multi-year business owner surnamed Li, Hangzhou Silk told reporters on the market 100% real silk is very few, "Textile World, in the whole market, not 100% silk sold several businesses, even if the volume will not be great, because silk is the real purchase price is too high, it is difficult to sell. If the mall, the price of silk was of course a lot of money, because high value-added goods: manufacturers profit, transportation costs, advertising costs, exquisite packaging, retail rental, staff wages and profits of the seller terminal, is normally 4 pounds is the price of silk around 2500. " As for the market, indicating different amounts of silk, the owner surnamed Zhou, told reporters on the market for silk is marked with the actual content of silk content varied widely, such as silk was marked with 30% of the silk, which may be that there is no silk, if marked with 50% or 80% of the silk, which may only contain 30% of the silk. Dare to open for business were found to wire, will the week was definitely the boss said: "The four corners of the quilt can be placed on a small portion of the silk, but in the end in the middle of the quilt is filled with Han, who knows? Customers can pay attention to the selection detail, silk was priced at 1,500 yuan test port to only 10 cm size, we can only see a corner of the silk. the price of silk more than 1,500 yuan, inspection port is drawing up to 1.5 meters, Customers can see the inside of all the silk, the details of the problem reflects the Han, we would like to understand a little. " Identify: Silk is not afraid to test fire 84 afraid of disinfected vacuole Reporter expert Zhang Henan Institute of Sericulture, he said, according to "silk industry standards", the silk in the silk filler content was not less than 50%, less than 50% of the products can not be referred to as silk. Now supermarkets or shopping malls in the silk, marked one hundred percent pure silk is simply impossible, if the silk quilt weighs 5 pounds, fought off the price of 600 yuan, the inside certainly mixed false. Zhang calculations to reporters: "The most common silk pound cost of acquisition calculated at 180, 5 kg weight loss of silk would be the cost of light near 300. Qinggang silkworm silk is often called, a silk was selling for 300 yuan, while the silk will cost 140 yuan a pound ~ 150. we consumers have to be aware of the price below cost, possible? quilt sure to add these other materials, such as artificial colors and silk cotton and other similar chemicals, plus go after the consumers generally can not see, like a comprehensive examination must be made by a qualified professional institutions to verify the ingredients inside. " Expert support for the public to distinguish the two strokes of silk: Silk is mainly sericin, if people want to buy pull that natural silk is very low ignition, combustion and left quickly extinguished the fire, burning white smoke , and the proteins associated with burnt smell burning hair issue, Yong Shounie will become very fine, sticky, and even this can only guarantee 70% to 80% purity. "If the great fire burned quickly and with a pungent smell of burning black smoke, residue into a lump, do not rub their hands open, the chemical synthesis of certain raw materials." Another kind of solution immersion method, "consumers can take as much as possible to be among the filaments of silk, if the quilts are quilted, quilted lines open mouth by testing a line, dig inside the wire, placed 84 disinfecting solution which can completely melting is a natural decomposition of silk, synthetic fiber is not melted. "