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American is heard " bacterium " color changes prevent bacterium to arm tooth
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After Bush follows person handclasp, can go up in the hand gush disinfectant. As the arrival of season of autumn winter flu, american is right of the bacterium be fear of also achieved perfection, wash one's hands the towel of paper of fluid, disinfection tide that resists bacterium to disinfect product occurrence sell like hot cakes, and in last few years, for many times communal and wholesome panic also lets fight emerge as the times require of bacterium new invention mixedly.

According to " new York Times " report, the United States nowadays is full of products of various the disinfection that fight bacterium on the market. Pass these things, the businessman also is in create a kind of such illusion: Must not meet the place that others has met.

" be fear of culture " the author of one book cling to in? Gelasina says: "American often feels he lives in a critical period, a dangerous place, so sale person roll out a series of products to cater to need of this kind of psychology. So sale person roll out a series of products to cater to need of this kind of psychology..

" does bacterial secret live " the general of author humble benefit of one book? M? Tie Nuo criterion points out, of American be fear of also is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, although by tens of thousands microbial, fungus, virus is beneficial to the person, but have about 600 kinds of bacteria, wait like virus of salmonella, flu, be breakneck. In the past inside 5 years, of the exemple of feeling catch a disease in the hospital, avian flu spread, of ailment of the stomach on yacht erupt, and the coliform organisms infection that causes because of edible spinach some time ago, enhanced the communal and healthy consciousness of American.

● cloth assorted is exploded to have clean hobby

Before before long, senator of black of the Democratic Party holds concurrently play a presidential general election popular candidate Aobama explodes in new book makings say, after Bush and his handclasp instantly with disinfectant gush hand, and the advocate that vice president cuts the political circles middleman such as the Buddhist nun also is disinfectant, they believe to have only diligent the odds that both hands ability reduces cleanness to catch a cold with the catch a cold on person handclasp future trouble.

Aobama is in new book " dauntless hope " disclose in one book, meet in the White House and cloth assorted and with him after handclasp, bush's assistant sprays in its hand ministry instantly a large number of disinfectant, bush returns the profit to disinfectant of big boast of abstruse Ba Ma: "Should want gush place? This is good the thing can aid you to prevent cold of catch a cold! " Aobama describes the reaction at that time in the book, "Do not tell sanitation to avoid others to misunderstand me, I or gush a bit. I or gush a bit..
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