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Ministry of Public Health included black a list of names posted up company of th
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[author: Origin of Hu Dehui article: Hits of Zhejiang market gazette: 18]
A few days ago, national Ministry of Public Health issues an announcement, the wholesome things such as pants of make water of paper of sanitary towel of wet to countrywide wet towel, sanitation towel, woman, baby undertook supervisory sampling observation, selective examination index is bacterial gross, fungus and product label manual, discover 38 rejected product in all. 

Among them, stone of Xia of peaceful city of of great capacity of label production unit kisses wholesome clean to taste clean of lily of city of factory, Hai Ning to taste Xing Minkang of limited company, carry on to disinfect things limited company to waited for 3 Zhejiang enterprise to go up in person black a list of names posted up.

As we have learned, this sampling observation is according to Ministry of Public Health communal sanitation controlled the country mainly 2008 inspection job arrangement undertakes.

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