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Lamp of disinfection of ultraviolet ray of grade elementary school takes Shijiaz
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[author: Anon. article origin: Heibei youth signs up for hits: 25]
According to " Heibei youth signs up for " report, the ultraviolet ray in the classroom when attending class disinfects the lamp to leaving all the time, the demote below occurrence vomiting of the student after finishing class, eyesight is undesirable reaction. Stone city east wind on the west grade elementary school is relevant chief yesterday (on September 10) express, the school will be responsible to this matter.    

Student collective appears unwell

After the mathematical interest class that attended one day in the school, 8 days, stone city east wind on the west grade elementary school many 40 student appeared eye ache, skin the symptom such as aglow, vomiting. "The child goes to school after coming back, say the eye is uncomfortable, return keck, and say a lot of classmates of their class also have this kind of feeling. " lady of student parent king says, the neck that she shows the child and wind place still have much place the skin is aglow.

"The child says, they attend class that day, the ultraviolet ray in the classroom disinfected the lamp to leave one day, and a lot of other classmates inside the classroom also have this kind of reaction, the eyesight of some classmates from 1 drop 0.3. " student parent Ms. Liu says, school teacher ever was taking children to be checked to the hospital that day, but the examination did not give the parent all the time as a result.

"The class hour on my child is further from alexipharmic lamp, there still is not apparent response now, but what a lot of experts say ultraviolet radiate has for a long time is preclinical, later in case appear harmful response, how does that do? " gentleman of student parent king is anxious a little.

The school says the meeting is responsible to this

To this, vice-president of surname of a king represents this elementary school, these harmful response that children appear are really " long period opens ultraviolet ray to disinfect lamp be caused by " , the school has made an inspection to students in the hospital, "The case that the doctor represents students is not had hinder greatly, but the time that needs a few days is adjusted. But the time that needs a few days is adjusted..

To causing the cause of this result, king vice-president expresses, because students are not class of the interest on the classroom in oneself, not familiar to the environment in the classroom, so the likelihood is some students turn on alexipharmic lamp not carefully, also may be staff member neglect is caused.

"No matter how is alexipharmic lamp turned on, after all this thing happens in the school, the school will be responsible to this matter. " king vice-president says.

Excessive ultraviolet ray is harmful and healthy
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