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Fosan city wholesome sampling observation becomes disinfection nearly tableware
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Forthcoming mid-autumn, fosan city sanitation supervises the result of wholesome sampling observation that sectional near future announces to show, occurrence bacterium of tableware of the sauce that partial meal unit, collective dining room uses, disinfection transcends the problem such as mark. 

In special operation, wholesome supervisory branch in all sampling observation the 39 soy sample that 32 meal unit, collective dining room uses, 36 sample are eligible, 3 unqualified, percent of pass is 92.3% . 3 unqualified sample all are nitrogen of amino acid condition under national level.

In selectiving examination in the light of what disinfect tableware, whole town sanitation supervises a department in all sampling observation is 132 meal unit, collective dining room 739 tableware, eligible 677, unqualified 62, percent of pass is 91.6% . Unqualified sample is main the problem is coliform organisms exceeds bid.

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