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Gentian violet disinfection needs what to notice
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Gentian violet belongs to basic dyes kind disinfect anticorrosive medicaments, its crystal is gentian (gentian violet, brilliant is violet) , 2% gentian aqueous solution or mellow solution call 1 ~ " of " gentian violet. The cation that this tasting or anion can part the carboxyl with bacterium, protein or amino union, affect its to metabolize and produce blue to grass electropositive bacterium (especially grape coccus) with certain fungus (like beads bacterium, skin tinea bacterium) antiseptic action, its are antiseptic force is powerful and have convergent effect, external use more without excitant, after absorbing also avirulent side-effect, so commonly used achieve injury infection or ulcer at the skin, mucous membrane. Special shallow to new table skin is traumatic the cut that reachs the running water that achieve a face (convergent action) effect of inunction gentian violet is best, rise truly antiseptic the action that cicatrizations with stimulative cut. Because its can be formed with necrotic organization union,arrive since diaphragm antiseptic with convergent action, make achieve a face to get protective, fester of not easy agnail, 1% gentian violet of reason O.1 ~ can be used at burning scald to achieve cure. The gentian violet of 1% is opposite 0.5 ~ canker of vaginal mould infection also has certain curative effect; To be taken orally can treat the disease that burn bug.

When use gentian violet, should notice a few following:

1, gentian violet is unfavorable use cut of inunction fester sex, the diaphragm that forms first can make cut pus current does not come out, diffuse to deep thereby, aggravating infection; Second purulent fluid, protein can reduce its effectiveness.

2, although gentian violet is much external use, but it also is a kind can the medicaments of to be taken orally, it is so when inunction lip and oral cavity ulcer, not afraid gentian violet will be toxic by get down, swallow a few gentian violet hinders to healthy just as well.

3, when besmear uses gentian violet near the eye, must very careful, do not make gentian violet flows into an eye, because gentian violet can injure eye cornea, cause canthus film necrotic with ulcer, once do not take care to make gentian violet flows into an eye inside when, want to rinse an eye with tap water immediately; Serious person should manage to hospital place to go.

4, because of gentian violet and red collection (merbromin) or tincture of iodine (tincture of iodine) when be being used together, incidental chemistry changes, can make its curative effect apparent reduce or complete invalidation, cannot mix between them so with, besmear namely brush those who cross iodic A or merbromin to achieve a face not to answer again daub violet medicine 5, the place that gentian violet cannot put in solar and direct illuminate, need not when should notice to screw medical cap, lest cause medicaments metamorphism.
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