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Disinfect tableware, how much do you know
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[author: Anon. article origin: Site of Chinese food industry hits number: 25]

The dish of cup bowl spoon that after one covers a course to disinfect tableware company, is sealed together by model, be sent toward size cafeteria, are these provides dinner service eligible? Whether does tableware disinfect a branch to hold mount guard card? Can be restaurant company denied disinfect cost to consumer collection tableware? Taking these issues, a few days ago, the reporter visited concerned department.

Alexipharmic tableware does not require wholesome license unexpectedly

The reporter supervises bureau know from city wholesome quality, close paragraph of time, our city wholesome quality supervises place to disinfect the market to undertake trying to find out the real intention to urban meal, discover the urban district the wholesome hidden danger with serious existence of manufacturer of disinfection of a few meal, give out what disinfect about tableware to rectify and reform responsibility book in succession, although already rectified and reform 3, but meal disinfection market still is the good and bad are intermingled.

The sanitation that occupy town supervises the chief introduction of place, ministry of Public Health of the our country since 2002 edits and carry out " alexipharmic government measure " regulation, alexipharmic service orgnaization must be obtained to provincial and wholesome service " wholesome licence " just can open business, after obtaining corresponding qualificatory letter square but mount guard works, and the superintendency that should accept local service. But from 2004 the middle ten days of a month rises, our country " administrative licence " in the project that the administration that cancel examines and approve, " alexipharmic government measure " the qualification maintains alexipharmic service personnel of the regulation to be included among them, this means disinfection to serve the disinfection of the orgnaization to serve personnel qualification not to need aptitude to maintain, namely meal provides disinfection to serve an orgnaization not to need application " wholesome licence " can manage.

After here the regulation is carried out, the meal disinfection that the urban district appears serves an orgnaization to present spontaneity, each enterprise just makes corresponding enterprise produce a standard to have production according to the actual condition of respective manufacturer, the manufacturing position that meal has disinfection technological process of non-standard, disinfection is unqualified, from quality of personnel of course of study not the phenomenon such as major is serious. Meal provides alexipharmic sanitation to be put in serious hidden danger.
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