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Chicken of prevention and cure group the commonly used disinfectant of the disea
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In the course of study that raise chicken, chicken group once come on, light person can affect chicken group grow development and manufacturing function, the person that weigh causes death, even full-court chicken group complete collapse, to economically bring significant loss. Accordingly, job of the disinfection that makes good chicken field, epidemic prevention is very main.

One, wholesome

Henhouse and environmental sanitation should do well in routine, want fixed rinse to crib, watering trough, clear in time inside henhouse and field sundry, do well environmental afforest.

2, disinfection

Environmental disinfection

It is gallinaceous field below bane of commonly used disappear reachs use method

1.Oxyhydrogen changes sodium (caustic soda) Have to bacterium, virus and helminth egg exterminate action, commonly used henhouse of disinfection of fluid of thermosol of 2 % pH indicator, feeding rack, carriage appliance and car, henhouse passageway can use disinfection of solution of pH indicator of % of 2 % ~3. Those who require an attention is, cloth of its skin to the person, aluminous goods, plumule and paint face have damage.