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Big pisciculture of near future difference in temperature wants to disinfect
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Time had been August bottom, many places still last high temperature weather, below the insolate of the sun, pound water is warm taller, a few days ago the typhoon brings rainfall to many areas again, below such circumstance, change of the temperature inside pound short time is bigger, cause the happening of piscine disease very easily, breed an alexipharmic work that should note good pound.

The neat gentleman Jianggao town in area of Guangzhou city white cloud runs chemist's shop of a fishing, he tells a reporter, in the typhoon " parrot " before arrival, place had lasted longer high temperature weather, although temperature all the time taller, but should control good feed to cast only hello, the dissolve oxygen circumstance of advertent pound water, often actuate aerator, the problem is returned very won't big. But come along with this typhoon, local short when rainfall increases, pound water is warm ignore tall ignore low, in a few more days is likely pound comes on meet much rise.

The breed aquatics to making aquatic product not less door will tell, this year all the time not successful, weather is not good, come on much also. Neat gentleman is mirrorred, rain is more in June, helminth is affected in the pound of a lot of people, the helminthic demand here is very big also, lasted in July high temperature when, have many breed aquatics again door appeared pound bottom worsens character, anoxic and serious phenomenon. "Now is big sun rain again, estimation passes a few days to want the piscine fall ill of many people again. Estimation passes a few days to want the piscine fall ill of many people again..

"The domestic fish that many people are raised comes on quite serious, include haemorrhage, sodden body to wait a moment. " one often is mixed in white cloud area the flower is taken run the feed mill clerk that move tells a reporter, at ordinary times when air temperature change is frequent, it is 4 everybody fish comes on more, collect blame fish won't give what job. But many people that raise Luo Fei fish put Miao Fang this year late, sell a fish to drive time, cast feed those who feed is very sufficient, what the fish eats is too full, can come on very easily.

"Weather still slants recently hot, to pound disinfection should choose proper method. " Mr Li that runs fishing drug in Jiang Gaozhen likewise expresses, air temperature is high now, and the sun is more violent, the phytolankton in water is more, water quality slants generally acerbity, if choose chloric preparation, the effect may be not quite good; And if choosing iodic preparation, illumination is stronger by day, cause drug to volatilize likely overmuch, thereby the effect is not apparent. But, below high temperature environment, choice iodic preparation compares other remedy safety again some, breed a case that should notice to observe him pound, consider to choose medicaments with all possible means.
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