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Children Furniture first mandatory standard is expected next year, the introdu
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Due to lack of appropriate standards, on the part of children's furniture market, to apply adult standards, not only the poor safety performance and excessive amount of toxic and hazardous substances control, seriously affect the child's physical health. In this regard, participation in the country's first "Children's furniture general technical conditions" --- one of the experts drafting the standard quality of Chengdu Institute experts, the standards introduced next year, the production of chaos in children's furniture industry will be changed. ■ the number of a string of shocking Children's Furniture-frequency trap "quality gate" Excessive formaldehyde emission, safety problems caused by an irrational product mix, use of poor quality paint stencilled surface of the product ... ... Children's Furniture-frequency trap, "the quality of the door." Yesterday, reporters from the provincial inquiry into the quality supervision departments across the country the past two years supervision and checking on the children's furniture Analysis. According to incomplete statistics, during the first half of this year alone, the national quality supervision department of the exposure of children by furniture manufacturers to more than 20. According to the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has recently announced sampling of children's furniture results: 62 batches of children's furniture, 67.7% pass rate, two groups of children in times of heavy metals exceeded furniture, 3 batches of children's furniture, formaldehyde emission exceeded. Heavy furniture in the main lead, cadmium, chromium, including a children's chests soluble lead exceeded 40 times the actual value. One often overlooked problem ■ Lead, cadmium and other heavy metals exceeded yet? Press survey found that many parents of children mainly looking to buy furniture, furniture, colors and styles, there are some parents are concerned about excessive levels of formaldehyde in furniture, but few parents noted that even more serious harm to children of lead and cadmium and other heavy metals. Jade Belt Bridge in the number of furniture sales outlets, businesses are able to provide qualified test reports of children's furniture. But the sales staff said the children's furniture for the detection of toxic and hazardous substances present, the formaldehyde content measured, very few furniture manufacturers in the inspection request to detect heavy metals. Investigation, the reporter also found that many children are not optimistic about the safety performance of furniture. Edges and corners of some of the furniture is very prominent, sharp, the lack of the necessary protective measures for children; some of the furniture has an automatic folding function, but few screws, may be injured if forced extrusion. ■ Apply the embarrassment of a standard Not suitable for children of adult standards Chengdu, local head of a furniture manufacturer, told reporters that now our children's furniture manufacturing industry because of the lack of specialized production standards, can only be applied to adult furniture standard. "In accordance with the standard adult furniture, children furniture production in the security and control of toxic and hazardous substances are not necessarily suitable for children," the official said, such as furniture, although the formaldehyde content in compliance with national standards, but the capacity of adults and children, not the same as , had no effect on adult body does not mean no harm to the child's physical. The responsible person said that spot checks of children's furniture in recent years, the passing rate is not high, mainly due to still "because most manufacturers focus on product style and color, just how blindly the first time to attract the attention of children, especially for the quality of product safety performance but not pay enough attention. " Other manufacturers also expressed the person in charge of their own confusion, the state has no specific standards, manufacturers also do not know how to produce safe, environmentally friendly children's furniture. "We appeal to the State as soon as possible specialized children's furniture production standards, this is the solution to the current problems the only way." Children's furniture which exceeded the toxic hazards of harmful substances? Professor West China Hospital, said in an interview that if children's furniture in the formaldehyde, benzene and some other volatile excessive levels of toxic substances, will cause indoor air pollution, children will be seriously damaged the respiratory tract, causing them to suffer from bronchitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Wood furniture in production will produce many high-toxic substances, poor quality to higher heavy metal content of paint. 1 meter away from the ground, the air concentration of lead is 1.5 meters 16 times, and just in the children's height range. Infants and young children often touch the furniture, sucking fingers can easily ingested high levels of lead, and their infants and young children a high absorption rate of lead is about 5 times the adult. Lead enters the body, can damage the nervous system, digestive system and blood system, lead poisoning may also seriously damage the liver. More serious is the lead into the human body is difficult to discharge.