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Buried in Korea today the end of the work will focus on disinfection of foot
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According to Yonhap news agency, Kyung North Gyeongsang 12, authorities said immunization, prevention of foot and mouth disease will be the end of the day of the burial work. According to reports, the authorities said vaccination, foot and mouth disease occurred within Yeongju weekend did not arise again in the new declaration, that the outbreak was under control. Foot and mouth disease occurred in the first time, the Wing City Government to immediately transfer the local Institute of Technology in the slaughter of 50 Korean breeding cattle, moved to 18 kilometers of the safe area and stop the pigs in the area for distribution and supply of pig sperm . Quarantine authorities said the work in the slaughter and burial will be committed after the disinfection and epidemic prevention work. For more than 600 households within the 119,000 livestock were buried is now 96.1% (115,000). Anton various areas of foot and mouth disease occurred in 70 affected areas have been set (radius of 3 km), dangerous area (a radius of 10 km) and management area (radius of 10-20 km), 360 regional, limited human and animal card set out of the car, cloven-hoofed animals and 41,000 farmers having close observation. Anton last week, has invested a total area of more than 380 civil servants responsible for the killing and burial work. These civil servants have now returned to its original position, and accepted sterilization and health checks. Foot and mouth disease epidemic Gyeongbuk Headquarters for the region, said: "In the past two days no new outbreaks reported. Buried in work after two weeks, the epidemic has entered a preliminary control stage."