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Inn of meal of periphery of school of area of north of peaceful wave river
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Supervisory management department of food of area of north of peaceful wave river is in-house to area under administration recently the food that distributes periphery of school of middle and primary school managed an unit to undertake supervisory checking. This the action checked river north area in all the food of periphery of 3 main schools runs an unit 22, unit of water of its Chinese meal 15. Of unit of these 15 meal it is better to prove hold case from health of personnel of course of study, the rate that hold card is amounted to 98% , but the disinfection of tableware, case that protect clean is very not good, ark of individual unit disinfection already damaged did not go repairing, tableware protects clean to ark does not have the door or do not have a lid, all alone card of food raw material fails to be registered in time, register only mostly July.

Be aimed at the case that examines discovery, checked personnel to issue supervisory opinion book, requirement food runs an unit must raw material of farther normative food is registered reach tableware to disinfect Bao Jie to work, want to prevent alternate pollution in food treatment process, burn ripe boil fully, take strict precautions against bromatoxism. (editor: Sun Shuwei)