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Broken interpret winter 6 big healthy killer
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Winter, a few diseases begin ready to do sth again, in taking care these " healthy killer " action, uneasy this winter. Concerned expert sent winter easily the disease to have check, help great master recognize their feature, be on guard in time.

Winter 6 big healthy killer 1


Power: The greatest harm of flu is to cause complication to endanger life even, the disease with its aggravating and potential meeting, old people and suffer from all sorts of chronic or constitutional empty weak suffers from flu hind to appear easily serious complication, rate of die in one's bed is higher.

Attack object: Year weak of old man, body, children; Suffer from diabetic or the chronic such as tumor person; Take immune depressor for a long time to bring about the crowd with immune low power.

Antagonism way: Notice heat preservation, along with temperature change chooses clothing and other articles of daily use; Increase outdoors activity; Water more, c of much more compensatory vitamin; The attention is ventilated, open a window everyday ventilated half hours arrive a hour; Because virus often mutates, best method of precaution is vaccinal in those days newest vaccine.

Winter 6 big healthy killer 2


Power: Be in the United States, have 2 million person every year about pneumonic, among them 10 thousand people of 40 thousand ~7 die; The 6th is listed in all death reason, it is the commonnest mortality infection.

Attack object: Body young crowd; Produce the crowd of the grippe; Group contact is intimate person; Chronic patient; The person that smoke for a long time; Immune power is low person.

Antagonism way: Maintain surroundings ventilated take a breath, can undertake alexipharmic to indoor environment when necessary; Reduce the local activity that concentrates to the crowd as far as possible; Note clothing and other articles of daily use of increase and decrease, strengthen outdoors take exercise; Once produce the symptom such as calorific, cough, timely seek medical advice, inchoate diagnostic cure.

Special remind: Do not take preservative matter at will. Kimono of the suffocating that feed vinegar is used board La Gen cannot prevent this disease to travel, abusive medicaments is harmful and profitless.

Winter 6 big healthy killer 3


Power: Acuteness cough regular meeting causes spontaneity pneumothorax, if not seasonable cure can bring about breathing function to fail, endanger life even.

Attack object: Young crowd of children and body.

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