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The family disinfects accurate method
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Domestic member and social contact are frequent, chang Yi brings bacteria of respiratory tract contagion the family. In the family once produce contagion when, answer to do the disinfection of link of good focal point in time, travel in domestic member in case.

The run-of-mill alexipharmic method in the family has the following kinds:

Air is disinfected -- can use the handiest a window of easy travel is ventilated method of take a breath, open a window every time 10 to 30 minutes, make airiness, let bacteria eduction outdoor.

Tableware is disinfected -- but food of along with the rest a boil 10 what may use 500mg / L to 20 minutes is effective chloric, or with chroma the acid of second crossing oxygen of 0.5% immerses disinfection arrives half hours 1 hour. In all water intrusion wanting when tableware is disinfected, alexipharmic time calculates from boil case.

The hand is disinfected -- should wash his hands via water of commonly used flow and soap, in anteprandial, hind, the 1210 disinfectant that contain 250-1000mg / L or 250-1000mg / L had better be used after the contact pollutes article disinfectant of carry out hand disinfects the iodic bend over of effective iodine or the town that use classics sanction. The garment by, the alexipharmic appropriate such as towel disinfects the boil such as cotton mercery and diaper 10 to 20 minutes, or immerse with acid of 0.5% second crossing oxygen disinfection 0.5 to 1 hour, disinfect a method to can using chemistry fabric of a few chemical fibber, silks and satins to immerse only.

Want to make the disinfection in the family achieves ideal result, still need watchful control to disinfect the chroma of drug and time requirement, because all sorts of pathogen are different to disinfecting methodological resistance,this is be caused by.

Additional, when disappear bane content is made up, if be done not have in the home,measuring implement also can use estimation method. Can estimate so: A cup of water makes an appointment with 250 milliliter, water of one side basin makes an appointment with 5000 milliliter, a pail of water makes an appointment with 10000 milliliter, one cuspidor water is made an appointment with 2000 to 3000 milliliter, one spoon disinfectant is equivalent to powder of 10 grams solid or 10 milliliter liquid about, if need to make up 10 thousand milliliter 0.5% second crossing oxygen are acerbity, 5 spoon can be joined to cross former fluid of oxygen second acid in 1 pail of water and into.