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Drinking water disinfects new method
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The disinfection of drinking water can be divided for physics disinfection and chemistry disinfect two kinds. Physical method has heat law, ultraviolet ray law, ultrasonic law. Chemical method has add law of chloric law, ozone standard, heavy metal ion or other oxidant the law. These methods outside chloric disinfection of the bleaching powder besides use tradition, fluid, still have the more popular 2 oxidation on international chloric, ozone, ultraviolet ray.

2 oxidation are chloric it is the antiseptic of new generation wide chart with accepted international, also be one of disinfectant that our country promotion uses, fluid be consideringed as is chloric the substitute with bleaching powder. 2 oxidation are chloric it is spot happening spot is used, although leak also won't is opposite,the dweller around and operation personnel cause harm. Prep above of active of 2 oxidation chloric underwater is chloric, in exterminate spore of live virus, concealed bug and merchant bug respect compares chlorine more effective. 2 oxidation are used in matching conduit net chloric not only can assure to restrain bacterial second birth to grow, and can undertake exterminating to alga, still can control the peculiar smell of alga and cankered and vegetable generation effectively.

As chloric as 2 oxidation disinfection is similar still natrium of second chloric acid disinfects a law. Natrium of second chloric acid is belonged to contain chloric disinfectant efficiently. Contain chloric disinfectant to form second chloric acid in water, body of action Yu Jun is protein. The endophilicity of it and water is very good, dissolve of each other of as can aleatoric as water scale, it is nonexistent fluid 2 oxidation are chloric, chloric the safe hidden trouble that waits for drug, and its sterilize the effect by accepted to comparative with chlorine, its cast together with add accurate, safety in operation, use convenient, store easily, do not have harm to the environment, leak of nonexistent released gas from pastry, can cast below state of aleatoric environment job add.

Ozone disinfection is the system of the abnormity that be the same as element that uses oxygen -- , a kind of method that ozone has alexipharmic. Ozonic chemistry is very lively, have intense oxidisability, dissolve can kill water at water medium microbial. Ozone disinfects a law to destroy the chemical bond of organic pesticide through strong oxidation, make its lose property of a medicine, exterminate all sorts of bacteria of the surface and virus at the same time, achieve alexipharmic goal. Use in the hospital there is wide application in water. In addition, it does not make any material that contain special scent, in taste, odour, color the respect can rise to improve the function of water quality well.
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