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The disinfection of fabric (2)
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(3) infectious garment by: Have the apparent blood, pus, clothes that pollutes by, the garment that regards infectivity as by. Before using hot water catharsis, use cold catharsis fluid or 1%~2% Leng Jian first water general blood, pus, wait for organic matter abluent, disinfection of this lotion boil.
(4) the garment is stored: Ying Liang doing, iron very hot, fold, store the garment by. To staff member and patient garment by; Be polluted commonly and partition answers after infectious garment is disinfected by catharsis but group by group air, iron very hot, fold and store, unfavorable and jumbly. Iron the special attention ever sufferred or should get pollution easily part when ironing. New student, infantile clothes by due and special drying, iron very hot, fold, store the garment is in, cannot with other clothing by promiscuous.

4, the disinfection of washing machine
Wash clothes pool (machine) after washing clothes, wash may infectious garment especially by hind, apply the hot water of 90 ℃ above or disinfectant
5, the environmental cleanness of washhouse is disinfected
(1) the clean disinfection of washhouse pollution area: The window is opened when going to work, keep good and ventilated, area of area of the pollution when coming off work uses acid of 0.2% second crossing oxygen solution or the disinfectant solution that contain effective chloric or effective bromic 500g/L pull the land.