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" medical biology and control Chinese document index ((1949- - 2000) "
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Medical biology and control Chinese document index (1949- - 2000) " content brief introduction
" medical biology and control Chinese document index (1949- - 2000) " the department carries the large reference book that at our country problem collection writes the relevant document in more than 2000 kinds of journals to write and be become according to coming loose. Whole book closes hold 19000 more than entry, 1.35 million word, the gist of the main gain that reflected below 20 centuries of our country half leaf basically to learn each field place to obtain in medic content and information of science and technology.
This book cent is 5 parts, it is a well-rounded argument of control of research and application, harmful animal, important to disinfect medical instrument research and application, wholesome helminthic to fetters namely research of harmful arthropod control and application (include midge kind, fly kind, Ling kind, midge kind, horsefly kind, buffalo gnat kind, flea kind, cootie, index with the first author and cite name of journal, publication orgnaization.
This book can reach development of sanitation of books information orgnaization, universities and colleges, medical treatment, patriotic sanitation, environmental protection, plant and silvan protection, pesticide and animal to domesticate for each scientific research the brainpower that waits for branch and unit, and the lead that pursues evil living things controlling unit of company of medical tool production, service, brainpower serves as necessary reference book. Introduction
Index Of Chinese Literature On Medical Biology And Control(1949---2000)is A Reference Book Of Large Scale Organized And Written According To The Subjects And Catalogues Of Relative Literature In Over 2000 Publica-Tions. The Whole Book Includes 19, 000 Entries And Has Approximately L, 350, 000 Words. It Basically ReviewsThe Main Achievements And Information Of Science And Technology In Various Fields Of Medical Biology In The Second Half Of 20th Century In China.
The Whole Book Has Five Parts, i.e. , research And Application Of And Medicament And Equipments For Disinfections, research And Application Of Hygienic Insecticides And Equipments, general Treatise Of Pest
Control, research And Application Of Important Arthropod Control(including Mosquitoes, flies, phlebotominae, creatopogonidae, tabanidae, simuliidae, fleas, louses, cockroaches, sennits, acrarus, termites, ants Et Al. ) And Research And Application Of Rodent Control. They Au Enclose The Index Of The First Author, publication Of Reference And The Name Of Publishing Organization.
This Book Is Provided For Personnels Of Science And Technology Who Work In Organizations Of Science Research, publications And Intelligence, colleges And Universities, departments And Units Of Medical Treatment And Health, environment Protection, plant And Forest Protection, pesticides Production And Animal Domestication Et A1. It Is Also An Essential Tool Book For Leaders And Personnels Dealing With The Production Or Service Of Insecticides And Equipments For Pest Contro1.
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