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Farmer raises chicken law of simple and easy disinfection
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News source: Farmer daily

Boil disinfects a lawIn the water intrusion after the article that disinfects preparation is swabbed clean, heat, boil 20 ~ 30 minutes, after waiting for natural refrigeration, take with; The injector that the bowl tin that feeds chicken to use, immunity uses and pinhead, can use boil law disinfection.

   Insolation disinfects a lawTo the appliance that law of unwell and operable boil disinfects, the basket that be like chicken, coop, can put in the insolate below sunlight 3 ~ 6 hours, in order to kill bacterium of cause of disease.

   Feed vinegar to disinfect a lawTake feed vinegar 150 grams of 100 ~ , add water 300 grams of 200 ~ , put into china bowl, small inside henhouse fire is slow after closing door window evaporate, can prevent infection of gallinaceous respiratory tract.

Lime disinfects a lawMatch 10% ~ with calx of 20% hang fluid, spray in the place such as henhouse, ground, enclosure, can purify henhouse environment. Additional, scatter calx in henhouse entrance to be in, 1 ~ asperses every other 2 days water, also have certain disinfection effect.

   Alcohol disinfects a lawFresh to gallinaceous body traumatic, can dip in with clean cloth take alcohol or high liquor to wipe, prevent to affect.

   BigGarlic disinfects a lawMix with mashed garlic makings feed chicken, can disinfect gastric bowel already, can treat gallinaceous dysentery characterized by white mucous stool again.

   Chinese herbal medicine disinfects a lawWith Ai Xie, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, Daqingxie or garlic straw each wait portion, right amount, burn inside henhouse, already antiseptic deodorization, it is better to use the effect when be abandoned for nothing especially.

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