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"Biology disinfectant " 24 international patent increases production value newly
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The biology disinfectant that patient of agent of oral cavity sparge, burn uses, biology disinfects gauze, can these dot also progress with science and technology large award relevant? Right. The core technology of these disinfectant, win first prize of progress of science and technology of this year Shanghai. Limited company of engineering of live thing of Shanghai tall family is in China initiate " biology disinfectant " occupation standard, use 24 international patent to be formed in relevant domain " technical camp " .

Mention disinfectant, the likelihood that most person thinks of above all is to be being taken pungent olfactory cling to fluid of family name disinfection, bleaching powder. These traditional disinfectant majority can cause pollution 2 times to the environment; Be able to bear or endure as bacterium and virus property of a medicine rises ceaselessly, new virus appears ceaselessly, its effectiveness is being reduced; Additional, its noxiousness or caustic still can cause harm when be used at the skin directly.

The reporter saw a kind in Shanghai tall division " Baiyao water " , colorless insipidity does not have stimulation, any prickling is done not have to feel on the skin. As we have learned, its applicable is disinfected at the cut place such as skin mucous membrane, oral cavity, nose pharynx. Via Shanghai disease precaution controls a center to detect, its antiseptic rate amounts to 99.9 % above, the burn division that its series product already was in many 500 hospital of countrywide is clinical use. Dog for a long time research still confirms, disinfectant of this kind of biology arises not easily be able to bear or endure medical bacterium, alexipharmic hind also does not have rudimental harm.

Professor Liu Wanying introduces general manager of limited company of engineering of tall family live thing, production biology disinfectant, its core technology is biology is enzymatic answer match. As a result of a kind enzymatic only right a kind of bacterium is effective, want wide chart to fight bacterium, must count kind enzymatic at the same time action. But be in enzymatic answer in matching, all sorts of enzymatic use can mutual quits active together, and lose active extremely easily, not easy normal temperature is saved. Arrive from 1992 2000, all previous classics is close 1000 experiments, compound bacteriolysis is enzymatic in Shanghai Gao Ke answer deserves to succeed, on this foundation, the biology that 25 agents are 16 breed disinfects a product to come out. Shanghai tall division obtains multinomial whole nation accordingly the first: License of sanitation of disinfectant of disinfectant of the first biology, biology of the first Ministry of Public Health is approved, the first has a series of biology disinfectant own intellectual property.
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