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Why summertime fish disease is much
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Why summertime fish is ill much

Pressing the summer is the gold season of aquiculture course of study, also be the hardest season on aquiculture management, in this period, because illumination is strong, enrage gentle water Wen Gao, fish metabolism is exuberant, in water system organic increase character and make water quality produces major change, the fish is so ill grow in quantity, affected the crop of annual and beneficial result directly. The account that piscine ill increase introduces below reachs way of prevention and cure, offer reference.

One, the reason of ill grow in quantity of fish of part of tall warm season

1, problem of water quality adjusting control from in last few years the analysis of a large number of case of illnesses looks, the main reason of ill grow in quantity of fish of part of summertime tall warm season is by dry breed aquatics in water system organic qualitative overmuch, cause water quality undesirable and cause. 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, applied grain feed undertakes aquiculture begins to be popularized in the whole nation, the variety that breeds fish changed direction to feed fish in order to photograph to give priority to body, got new development on crop and technology, and the biggest question that this grows breed mode is caused is fish fecal leap, the aggravate of organic qualitative pollution of water system, breed water system anoxic and the harmful material content such as nitrite and ammoniacal nitrogen rises, fish disease grow in quantity, breed cost to rise, benefit glides. Below this kind of circumstance, breed door still come with method of fat water piscicultural adjusting control water quality, use organic manure in great quantities, quickened breed water system organic qualitative pollution, make breed water quality adjusting control (be in especially the summer) very difficult. Method of adjusting control of water quality of piscicultural of this kind of water that use fertilizer will manage essence of applied grain feed to raise photograph those who eat fish to breed water quality, it is current the fish is ill especially the main factor of summertime fish ill grow in quantity.

2, problem of piscine disease prevention and cure prevents and cure in piscine disease respect, use normally " kill insect first, disinfect after, prevent without disease, treat unhealthily " method, raise in high density essence and below the circumstance of summertime high temperature, this kind of method not only not practical, and the effect that often can cause water quality addle, this also is an error that breeds management to go up. Helminthic content and disappear bane content can kill the plankton in breeding water system, make water quality clears, water system transparency increases, dissolved oxygen content drops, create anoxic float pool or be content of nitrite, ammoniacal nitrogen rises, fish is not photographed feed show toxic shape or piscine disease to break out.
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