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Indoor airy disinfects the hospital (2)
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Use ultraviolet ray direct illuminate disinfects the lamp, the person is not gotten indoors.
Use ultraviolet light, the irradiation intensity of new light is not gotten under 90 μ W/cm2, the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet ray in using is not gotten under 70 μ W/cm2, every under 70 μ W/cm2 person should change in time tube.
Determine ultraviolet intensity should use the ultraviolet strength that passes metric branch calibrating plan, or with ultraviolet intensity the indicating card that monitor undertakes monitoring.
(3) evaporate aing kind of sweet grass or sparge disinfection: Can use chemical disinfectant or sparge of disinfectant of air of Chinese herbal medicine or disinfection of evaporate aing kind of sweet grass, commonly used chemical disinfectant has:
① crosses oxygen second acid: sick at heart of second crossing oxygen dilute becomes 0.5%~1.0% aqueous solution, heat evaporate, on-the-job 60%~80% relative humidity, below room temperature, acerbity dosage of second crossing oxygen presses 1g/m3 computation, 2h of time of evaporate aing kind of sweet grass.
② crosses disinfectant of air of oxidation hydrogen compound: City carry out is tasted it is main component in order to cross oxidation hydrogen, deserve to wait with synergist and stabilizing agent, general dosage has pressed computation of oxidation hydrogen 50mg/m3, use sparge method, in relative humidity 60%~80% , room temperature dirty uses 30min.
Salt of ③ season ammonium kind disappear venom: Use double catenary and salt of ammonium of odd catenary season, match the air disinfectant that makes with synergist and stabilizing agent. 1.2ml of every M3 gush (10mg/m3 of chroma of amount to medicaments is controlled) , action 30min.
Sparge of disinfectant of air of ④ Chinese herbal medicine is disinfected. Press a manual to operate.
⑤ note:
1) place must have wholesome license to approve with disinfectant and inside period of efficacy.
2) when disinfection indoor cannot somebody.
3) formaldehyde is used at air disinfection because of the action that cause cancer shoulds not be.

6, IV kind environmental disinfection
Disinfectant of Chinese herbal medicine: Disinfectant of some Chinese herbal medicine is right in air microbial have exterminate action, usable IV kind environmental disinfection, use method and dosage can press a manual to undertake.