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Indoor airy disinfects the hospital
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1, suitable scope
The I that this section standard sets in applicable GB15982-1995, II, III, IV kind indoor airy disinfects the environment.

2, I kind air disinfection of the environment
I kind the environment includes clean surgery of laminar flow clean and laminar flow clean ward. The bacterial gross ≤ in air of requirement of this kind of environment 10cfu/m3, can use a current wind only, what ability makes air medium is microbial decrease come here the standard is the following.

3, II kind air disinfection of the environment
II kind the environment includes room of common surgery, delivery room, baby, premature room, common protection to keep apart room, supply the room is clean ward of area, burn, serious illness guards ward. Can choose undermentioned method:
Air of circular wind ultraviolet ray disinfects implement: This kind of disinfection implement by high strenth ultraviolet ray the lamp is mixed filter systematic composition, effectively filter divides the dust in air, and but will enter disinfection implement in air microbial kill. By product manual installation is disinfected implement, disinfection can be achieved to ask after opening machine 30min, every cross 15min to switch on the mobile phone after, disinfect 15min, switch on the mobile phone repeatedly all the time, involve machine circulation to book time. This machine uses low ozone ultraviolet ray lamp preparation, concentration of the ozone in disinfecting an environment under 0.2mg/m3, safe to the person reason can undertake alexipharmic inside the room of somebody.
Air of electrostatic and adsorptive type disinfects implement: This kind of disinfection implement use electrostatic and adsorptive principle, try to filter system, can filter not only and the dust of bacterium is taken in adsorptive air, also but adsorption is microbial. Inside the room of a 20m2~30m2, use air of a large and electrostatic type to disinfect implement, after disinfecting 30min, should reach national sanitation level. Can use at somebody to be disinfected in the airy inside the room.

4, note
(1) what use disinfection implement circular wind force (M3/h) the 8 times above that must be room bulk.
(2) some diminutive afore-mentioned disinfection implement, via the experiment the proof cannot achieve afore-mentioned alexipharmic results, unfavorable use at II kind ambient air disinfection. The user can check his to detect report and the operation instruction handbook that when sending card via wholesome service, approve.
(3) II kind the environment all is somebody room, must employ pair of people avirulent and harmless, and the method that can disinfect continuously.

5, III kind air disinfection of the environment
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