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Destroy cockroach has a way of safe save labour
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  • Destroy cockroach has a way of safe save labour
  • Cockroach is too much, use destroy cockroach is sweet will fume, result within an inch of causes fire, this thing sounds true frighten cold sweat of a suit that get a person. This thing was carried to us wake, destroy cockroach is very important, but more important is to notice safety.

    Summer destroys cockroach, step on it simply dead to cannot be taken, because dead cockroach can volatilize virus,be among air, the likelihood causes person have loose bowels, cold to wait. The sparge of use tradition drug that kill Zhang, box sticking Zhang (paper) , the method such as sootiness destroys kill, will cannot eliminate cockroach thoroughly, and poisonous sparge agent, smoke endangers human body health possibly also.

    Show those who rolled out safe save labour to destroy Zhang method -- , glue bait destroys Zhang. After cockroach ate glue to entice, can run to water, die in sewer likely, need not spend time to clear dead cockroach, other vivid cockroach ate dead cockroach to also be met by kill with poison. Glue bait flavour is not apparent, put in the place that person and pet contact not easily, won't endanger person and pet.