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Object and environmental surface are disinfected
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1, suitable scope
The I that this section standard applies to the regulation in GB15982-1995, II, III, IV kind the disinfection of indoor object surface reachs the environment cure
Each environment surface disinfects the courtyard.

2, I, II kind the disinfection of object surface
I kind the environment includes clean surgery of laminar flow clean, laminar flow clean ward; II kind the environment includes room of common surgery, delivery room, baby, premature room, common protection to keep apart room, supply the room is clean ward of area, burn, serious illness guards ward. I, II kind the bacterial gross ≤ of surface of environmental requirement object 5cfu/cm2.
(1) ground disinfection
Hospital ground often gets patient the pollution of fecal, puke, secretion, because the amount of going from place to place of personnel is large, if not
Can seasonable cleared ground is polluted, cause bacterium of cause of disease extremely easily diffuse.
1) place area falls without apparent pollution circumstance, use wet mop to sweep normally, pull the land with clear water or cleaner daily 1 ~2 second, the defilement of cleared ground and partial cause of disease are microbial.
When 2) place area is polluted by bacterium of cause of disease, because disinfectant 200mg/L~500mg/L is disinfected,use 2 bromic of great capacities normally, action 30min, pollution of bacterium of gemma of the sex that cause disease uses 1000mg/L~2000mg/L action 30min or with the disinfection of effective chloric or effective bromic 500mg/L fluid pulls the land or spray the ground.
The surface that 3) pollutes to tuberculosis person, usable acid of 0.2% second crossing oxygen or contain chloric disinfectant or because 2 bromic seas disinfect fluid to swab. To the surface that spirited contagion pathogen pollutes, wait for usable and effective bromine or disinfection of 30min of action of effective chloric 1000mg/L~2000mg/L like choleraic, anthrax.
(2) metope disinfection
Hospital metope is in contaminative circumstance is usually light at the ground, do not need to undertake groovy disinfection normally. Should get bacterium of cause of disease corrupt
When catching, can use chemical disinfectant spray or swab, metope disinfection is 2.0m~2.5m commonly tall can.
To the person that virus of bacterial breed body, hepatitis, gemma is polluted, use the disinfectant solution that contains effective chloric or effective bromic 250mg/L~500mg/L, 2000mg/L and 2000mg/L~3000mg/L respectively sparge and swab processing, it is better to have exterminate the effect. Sparge quantity differs according to metope structure, with wet do not be to dirty water degree, general 50ml/m2~200ml/m2.
(3) ward is of all kinds the disinfection of things surface
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