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Meal course of study and collective have dinner deserve to send an unit wholesom
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General principles of the first chapter

The first deserves to send unit food safety sanitation administration to strengthen meal course of study and collective have dinner, its produce the standard management behavior, safeguard consumer is healthy, basis " Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China " , " sanitation of meal trade provision runs way " , " school dining room and sanitation of collective have dinner administer a regulation " , " sanitation of student collective have dinner controls way " wait for relevant law laws and regulations regulations, establish this standard.

The person that this the 2nd standard applies to meal already battalion (include inn of cafeteria, snack bar, snack, dining room to wait) deserve to send an unit with collective have dinner, but the food faker that does not include not to have fixed treatment and repast place.

The meaning of this the 3rd normative and following choice of words

(One) meal course of study: Point to make through instant treatment, the method such as commercial sale and service labor, offer the food, food that consumes place and establishment to produce management industry to consumer, include inn of cafeteria, snack bar, snack, dining room to wait.

Cafeteria (weigh the) such as wineshop, wine shop, hotel, restaurant again: Point to with meal (include eat of Chinese meal, Western-style food, day, Han eat to wait) the unit that is main management item, include chaffy dish inn, barbecue inn to wait.

Snack bar: Point to hall of the unit that is main management item with mug-up, fastfood, breakfast and the public house that provide simple meal service, coffee, teahouse to wait.

Snack inn: Show with concentration treatment deserves to send, the unit that divide eat edible on the spot and offers repast to serve to supply a form for main treatment quickly.

Dining room: Show and other places of locate mechanism, school, enterprise, building site is nodded (spatial) , wait for the unit of repast to supply in-house worker, student.

(2) collective have dinner deserves to send an unit: Show according to collective service the object orders a requirement, center food of treatment, send but the unit that does not offer repast room.

(3) food: The finished product that shows all sorts of edible that lay a person are drinkable perhaps and raw material and according to the article that traditional since food is medicines and chemical reagents, but the goods that does not include to be a purpose in order to treat, raw material, semi-manufactured goods, finished product basically points to in deserving to send an unit with collective have dinner in meal course of study (beautiful cake of the cold dish in including following term, unripe product that feed the sea, back up, extract the fruit vegetables juice, ) such as buffet now.
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