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Treatment runs wholesome condition of the place
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Treatment runs wholesome condition of the place

Sanitation of the 5th optional location asks

(One) must not set in easy the area that is polluted, should choose physical features of a place the dry, area that has catchment condition and electric power to supply.

(2) should be apart from cesspit, cesspool, Tophet (station) , the above of contaminative source 25m such as drought lavatory, should install the incidence in material of dust, harmful gas, radioactivity and source of other diffusible pollution besides.

(3) the concerned requirement that should accord with program, environmental protection and fire control at the same time.

Sanitation of setting of construction of the 6th building, place, layout, space, area asks

(One) building construction hard usage, maintain easily, keep clean easily, should avoid harmful animal invade and perch.

(2) food processing division all should be installed indoors.

(3) food processing division should be entered according to raw material, the circuit that treatment of material handling, semi-manufactured goods, finished product supplies is reasonable layout, appropriate of flow of food treatment processing makes a living into ripe the onefold flow direction that give, should prevent to be in deposit, pollution of across of the generation in the operation. Exit and finished product passageway, raw material passageway, entrance, finished product passageway, exit and the meal after using are provided reclaim passageway, entrance all appropriate is installed apart.

(4) food handles an area, should install appropriative rough machining (of raw material of all use semi-manufactured goods can not install) , cook (of pure management chaffy dish, barbecue can not install) the site that cleans disinfection with eat appliance, should install raw material and (or) semi-manufactured goods keep in storage, cut deserve to reach equipment eat (hall of bar, coffee, teahouse can be not installed) place. Make what extract fruit vegetables juice and fruit assorted cold dishes now, should set corresponding special operation room. Undertake cold dish is made up, back up beautiful operation and collective have dinner deserve to send an unit to undertake food separates outfit operation, part of one's job is not installed corresponding only. Center the dining room of equipment eat and snack inn to answer equipment eat only, or accord with this standard regulation of the 7th the 2nd the 5th purpose.

(5) food handles Ou Yigen to occupy accessory the formulary setting of 1 lies between the place between independently.

(6) food handles the area of the area to answer to suit with photograph of repast place area, supply number of the biggest repast, of division of processing of provision of trade of of all kinds meal and repast place area than, cut match appropriate of cooking place area to accord with accessory 1 regulation.
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