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Hospital disinfection is supplied room check and accept a standard (try out)
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Disinfection is supplied room it is the main section office that the hospital supplies all sorts of asepsis appliance, dressing, things. Its job quality affects medical treatment to nurse directly quality and patient safety. Supply the science government of the room to strengthen disinfection, ensure medical treatment is safe, get used to hospital civilization to build need, establish this standard especially.
One, construction demand
Supply of the room build, extend and rebuild, answer to make sure with raising work efficiency to mix working quality is premise. Supply room should approach clinical section office, can set in the intermediate position of inpatient department and outpatient department. Source of surroundings Ying Qingjie, free from contamination, should form a relatively independent district, automation line of job of facilitating organization interior, avert alien interference. To prevent the pollution that sterilizes sterilization equipment. Part of one's job pollutes area, sanitary district, asepsis area, the course takes the kind that carries compulsively, forbid retrograde motion. High-pressured vapour is supplied should enough, convenient. Ventilated daylighting wants good. Wall and ceiling should not have cranny, do not fall dirt, facilitate clean and disinfect. The floor is glossy, have a water course. Complete supply the room is due receive, catharsis, special air basks in article place, dressing to make, keep in storage of disinfection, asepsis, extend and staff member bathhouse. Conditional hospital should set the hot former chamber that monitor, office and toilet.
2, personnel staff
Supply the personnel staff of the room, answer to be deployed according to the need such as hospital dimensions, property, task, in principle should deploy sister (or group leader) , nurse, health worker and the member that disinfect, among them 2 above of 1 / should be had nurse professional technology title, give priority to with medium, youth. Other personnel all needs to groom rear but mount guard. Contagion patient must not be engaged in supplying room job.
3, guidance system
Supply room and clinical each division and branch of general affairs logistics are having close tie, important place is had in the hospital, should be led by the dean and nurse ministry or Wu of industry of total nurse progress are directive, or by nurse a direct leader, with clinical each division coordinates collaboration. The branch such as general affairs logistics is supplied in equipment, installation, maintenance, goods and materials wait for a respect to give assure.
4, essential condition
1. Should have constant water (tap water) , hot water is supplied and purify (filter) system.
2. Distilled water is supplied, filter system and store equipment, must stock alembic.
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