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" inside lens cleans alexipharmic technology to operate a standard (2004 edition
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2004 〕 of 〔 of the hair that defend medical service 100
Ministry of Public Health about print and distribute " inside lens cleans alexipharmic technology to operate a standard (2004 edition) " announcement

Bureau of hall of sanitation of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, xinjiang production builds corps health bureau:
Work to strengthen the lens inside medical establishment to clean disinfection further, ensure medical treatment quality and medical treatment safety, my ministry organizes concerned expert, made on the foundation of investigation and study " inside lens cleans alexipharmic technology to operate a standard (2004 edition) " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) , show print and distribute to give you, ask comply with to carry out. To assure " standard " carry out smoothly, raise the following requirement:
One, various and of all kinds medical establishment must take seriously highly inside lens disinfects the job, will inside lens disinfection quality brings into medical treatment quality and administration of medical treatment safety. This " standard " before carrying out, begin inside the medical establishment of business of lens diagnosis and treatment must according to " standard " the requirement undertakes be checked oneself and rectifying and reform the job, build implement the each regulations system that has disinfection of inside Shanghaiguan lens soundly, cogent assure to disinfect quality, strict precaution and control because inside the hospital infection that lens disinfection problem causes.
2, strengthen " standard " learn and groom the job. Begin inside the medical establishment that lens diagnosis and treatment works, serious histology reviews and must carry out in the round this " standard " , concerned hospital infection administrator, be engaged in inside lens diagnosis and treatment and inside the medical personnel that lens cleans disinfection to work ought to be accepted groom accordingly, master correctly inside of lens clean and disinfect sterilization technology.
3, the supervisory government that various and wholesome service wants to strengthen pair of lens inside medical establishment to disinfect the job, did not achieve this " standard " the medical establishment of the requirement, must not begin corresponding inside business of lens diagnosis and treatment.
Accessory: Lens cleans alexipharmic technology to operate a standard inside (2004 edition)
Two years on April 1
Copy to: Management board of medicine of national traditional Chinese medical science, total full back gives birth to a ministry, concerned affiliated to a ministry, ministry runs an unit.
General office of Ministry of Public Health on April 5, 2004 print and distribute
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