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Sanitation management
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Sanitation management

The 25th wholesome administration and personnel ask

(One) the person of the first responsibility that the legal representative that meal estate operator and collective have dinner match to send an unit or controller are food sanitation safety, wholesome to the food of this unit safety bears overall responsibility.

(2) should set branch of sanitation management responsibility, bear comprehensive management responsibility to this unit food sanitation.

(3) should install food sanitation manager, the manufacturing operator that the cafeteria that collective have dinner matchs to send area of management place of unit, treatment 1500 ㎡ above, dining room and chain manage should set manager of full-time food sanitation, the food sanitation manager of other production operator can be a part-time job, but must not hold part-time by the working personnel that processes management link.

(4) appropriate installs the meal estate operator that the cafeteria that collective have dinner matchs to send area of management place of unit, treatment 3000 ㎡ above, dining room and chain manage control laboratory, the eat appliance of food of immediate to food raw material, contact entry and finished product undertake examining, examine to should be recorded as a result.

Manager of sanitation of the 26th food should have record of formal schooling of high school above, have the experience that is engaged in food sanitation supervising the work, had attended food sanitation the administrator grooms and classics assessment is eligible, healthy have from certificate of fitness of personnel of course of study bright.

Food sanitation manager assumes this unit food to manufacture the function that management activity sanitation governs, main responsibility includes:

(One) the organization undertakes from personnel of course of study wholesome law and wholesome knowledge groom;

(2) make food sanitation manage system and system of post responsibility to spend, undertake supervising and urge checking to carrying out a circumstance;

(3) the wholesome condition that inspects food to produce management course is recorded, the behavior that does not accord with wholesome requirement to what discover in the examination checks in time and put forward to treat an opinion;

(4) wholesome to food inspection man is made undertake administrative;

(5) the organization has checkup from personnel of course of study, supervise and urge the personnel that contracts disease of sanitation of food of be a hindrance to and disease transfers relevant station;

(6) build food sanitation to manage record;
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