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Brief introduction of sanitation and antiepideic station of 7 rivers city
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One, orgnaization, function sets inside this unit: In all 8 business administrative or technical offices
Division of 1. food sanitation:  of man weighing lung does be good at ⒓ whiz?
2. labor sanitation is radiative division:  of the man that cast  be good at? is monitored reach radiative sanitation to supervise, monitor
Division of 3. school sanitation:   ] guide whiz  of man of N of Suan ⒀  ?
4. disinfection division: All solder raw meat or fish brings up  bright outskirt whizs things of sanitation of Suan? medical treatment controls government
Division of 5. environment sanitation:  of alliance of  of  of ⑸ of  of  Bo ∷ harding iron outskirt whizs things of Suan? cosmetic, health care is supervised, management
Division of 6. epidemic prevention: Static 〖 of  of rancorring ⒋ of Ka lintel Fei whizs control of contagion of? of make a present of of し of static ≡ of Suan ⒋  , children plans immunity
7. venereal outpatient service: Beach of round   " happy?
8. examines division: Bone of ⒏ of Luo of forge of adze of  of bone bridle ⑸ ah Dun  forge?
2, handle affairs content: Handle affairs basis, handle affairs program, handle affairs standard, handle affairs time limit, handle affairs result
Division of 1. food sanitation:
① content: Food sanitation is supervised, food sanitation executes the law, food sanitation is monitored, the investigation processing of food accident, wholesome licence extends
② basis: People's Republic of China " Food Sanitation Law " " sanitation of Heilongjiang province food runs way "
③ program: " food sanitation monitors working program " " disobey<Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China > administration sanctions a procedure "
④ standard: " level of state of People's Republic of China " . Part of theory of doctrine of proved recipe of food sanitation check and microbial part " production of product of edible chemical industry runs way "
2, labor is radiative and wholesome division
① content: Labor sanitation is monitored, supervise, radiative sanitation defends monitor, supervise, the health management of radiative and wholesome staff member, radiative disease and diagnose with investigation of management, radiative accident and processing
② basis: " law of prevention and cure of occupational disease of People's Republic of China " " law of prevention and cure of disease of pneumoconiosis of People's Republic of China " " sanitation of labor of Heilongjiang province industry manages
Exemple and executive detailed rules " " radio isotope of People's Republic of China and ray device are radiative defend byelaw "
③ program: Labor sanitation, radiative sanitation supervises, standard of ④ of the program that monitor: " dosage of individual of radiative staff member monitors a method " " building
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