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Object and environmental surface are disinfected (2)
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Bactericidal lamp of ultraviolet ray of ③ high strenth, low ozone, illuminate 30s~60s, reliable to effect of article surface disinfection.
(4) the disinfection of other surface
Include medical record window of hand of clip, doorknob, faucet, door, wash one's hands the matter list such as pool, toilet, urinal, these places are polluted easily. Normally the circumstance falls, brush scrub processing with clean water everyday, keep clean.
(5) the disinfection of bed unit
Bed unit includes core of sickbed, mattess, pillow, blanket, quilt, sheet to wait. Ozone disinfection, can use bed unit ozone to disinfect implement undertake alexipharmic, press a manual to operate.

3, III kind the disinfection of environmental object surface
III kind the environment includes paediatrics ward, department of gynaecology and obstetrics to check the room, inject room, room that change medicine, cure room, supply room cleanness room of common fault of room of area, emergency call, laboratory, of all kinds general and room. III kind the 10cfu/cm2 of bacterial gross ≤ of surface of environmental requirement object. Can use method of the following disinfection.
(1) disinfect a method: Afore-mentioned 2 introductions methods all can be used.
(2) spray or swab make up 1000mg/L to wash surely peaceful solution, undertake spray or be swabbinged to the surface of all sorts of pollution.
(3) the 300mg/L~500mg/L of every daily expense such as all sorts of matter lists of all sorts of matter lists and room of mesa disinfection cure, inject room, room that change medicine, laboratory and mesa is contained chloric or the disinfectant that contain bromine is wiped, wet mop pulls the land.

4, IV kind the disinfection of environmental object surface
IV kind the environment includes contagion division and ward, IV kind 15cfu/cm2 of ≤ of gross of bacteria of surface of environmental requirement object. Alexipharmic method consults 2 methods are carried out.

5, the disinfection of laboratory pollution area
The laboratory pollutes all sorts of surface disinfection of the area to include:
(1) the disinfection of the surface such as the desk and chair: Before beginning the work everyday, wipe with wet cloth brush 1 times, the ground is brushed 1 times with wet mop, ban with dry dry sweep, the cleaner such as dishcloth and mop has each room special, must not mix with, after using abluent air. Before coming off work, with 250mg/L~500mg/L effective bromine disinfects fluid or 0.1%~0.2% crosses oxygen second acid to wipe brush 1 times. The disinfection of the ground: With 2 times chroma afore-mentioned disappear venom procrastinate brush.
(2) ultraviolet ray of usable also portable high strenth disinfects all sorts of surfaces implement disinfection of illuminate of close quarters surface.
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