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The disinfection of fabric
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1, suitable scope
Apply to the disinfection of medical establishment fabric. The general coverall that includes dress of complete courtyard patient, bed sheet and cure to protect personnel cleans disappear
Poison works, but garment of not responsible operation and the sterilization that keep apart the garment.
Washhouse differentiates to pollute an area (collect, cent check, check the amount, processing and clean the dress, bed sheet) reach sanitary district (offer air or stoving, patchy, iron very hot, fold, store reach send abluent garment to be mixed to handle official bussiness) . Contaminative garment by must not enter clean passageway and clean area without catharsis, each area suffers contaminative degree to differ, alexipharmic method also differs somewhat.

2, the garment by collect bag and receive the clean disinfection that sends a car
(1) the garment by collect bag: Every ill area is due 3 garments are collected bag, close respectively put the patient clothes that has apparent pollution by, average patient garment is reached the working dress that cure protects a staff member, cap and guaze mask. The garment is collected bag till clean,should keep airtight. Also can time, in a limited time collect staff member clothings, send in time to washhouse.
(2) contaminative go-cart and clean go-cart: Receive send the garment to all be used go-cart, washhouse has contaminative go-cart and clean go-cart, use at receiving respectively the garment and send the clothing, receive garment hind and the go-cart before sending the clothing to all apply clear water or 1% scour solution to be wiped; Ward of room, tuberculosis room, burn reachs the contagion that accept fate apparent pollution garment is applied by the go-cart after fluid of effective chloric or effective bromic disinfection wipes acid of 0.5% second crossing oxygen or 1000mg/L disinfection; 2 oxidation chloric solution wipes usable also 500mg/L.
(3) one-time use garment is collected bag: One-time use garment is collected bag after using, burn. Blame is one-time person with 1% catharsis fluid, hot water of 90 ℃ above disinfects 25min in washing machine.
(4) note: Forbidden inside ward check the amount or processing infect a patient, especially patient of hepatitis, n/med tuberculosis and the garment that contagious material place pollutes by, the person's dress should disinfect spirited contagion first or after sterilization, send washhouse catharsis again; Or burn. Check the amount infects patient garment by the staff member should wear glove and guaze mask, wear working clothes. One-time after use glove is used, burn; Can repeat the person that use, 25min is disinfected with hot water of 90 ℃ above in washing machine.

3, the garment by catharsis disinfection
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