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Air disinfection machine
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Release time: 2007-7-27

Period of efficacy: 2007-10-27

Company: One mark valve of Tianjin city creates limited company

Contact: Mr Hgx77() manager

Define: Air disinfection machine promulgates according to Ministry of Public Health " alexipharmic technology standard " Ⅲ kind indoor air disinfects the environment ask and design, air disinfection machine uses supersonic pulverization technology, become pulverization of venom of aqueous solution disappear extremely little grain (1-5um) , arrive through discharging wind system to will disinfect fluid to diffuse in air, achieve alexipharmic goal. This air disinfection machine can store the data of 20 rooms, should install good need to disinfect the relevant data of the room beforehand only, need to choose to disinfect a room only when disinfection can. The adjustment of parameter of this air disinfection machine and show use menu mode of operation, man-machine interface is friendly, show intuitionistic, the operation is convenient. The parameter of the setting can save 10 years of above, and have parameter lose warning function. Infra-red remote controller can operate alexipharmic aircraft outside the room, there is many disinfection fluid to remain in suiting room air particularly, when person inconvenience enters a room, use.