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The hand is disinfected implement
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Release time: 2007-7-27

Period of efficacy: 2007-10-27

Company: One mark valve of Tianjin city creates limited company

Contact: Mr Hgx77() manager

Define: The hand is the easiest by cause of disease the part of microbial pollution, to each person, wash one's hands disinfection is a kind the basiccest also be the mainest disinfection job. Traditional alexipharmic pattern already cannot satisfy the requirement of modern production, already short of disinfects a standard, wasted much alexipharmic material again. Although there is rigorous alexipharmic program in producing a course, but carry out smoothly what disinfect appliance to assure this one program very hard already traditionally.

To carry out " Pharmaceutical Affairs Law " and " trade supervision law " requirement, strengthen pair of pharmacy to produce enterprise and exit food plant (library) the government that produces quality, be opposite to cooperate national medicines and chemical reagents to control management board the “HACCP” management that attestation of “GMP” of pharmacy look forward to and bureau of quarantine of national merchandise inspection machine an enterprise to undertake to exporting food, we are introducing the foundation that draws foreign congener product to go up, development development went to avoid osculatory automata hand new-styly to disinfect implement. This disinfection implement can apply extensively at sanitation of food processing factory, pharmaceutical factory, medical treatment the branch such as course of study of unit, lab, bank, guesthouse, meal, nursery school, office. It is the optimal disinfection tool that alternate infection and disease prevent to be entered from the hand in modern life, it is one of important signs that quality of human society progress, life increases. Since the product puts in the market, get of broad user reputably.
This product obtained medical apparatus and instruments of “ People's Republic of China to register card ” 2003, register name: Medicine of Chinese of another name for Hubei province provides weapon (accurate) word 2003 the 1570210th, add production of product of “ medical apparatus and instruments to make approbate watch ” .

Already filed Chinese patent now, the exterior designs patent signal: ZL 99 3 36389.X; Date of practical and new-style patent: ZL 99 2 45356.9, be recommended to use by center of attestation of “GMP” of supervisory management board of national medicines and chemical reagents.

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