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Release time: 2007-1-18

Period of efficacy: 2007-4-18

Company: Eaves hill force

Contact: Ms. Yushanli123() general manager

[beg buy a specification] : International of Chengdu of the 3rd 2007 China gives the corresponding period of exhibition of equipment of technology of catchment water treatment to hold: Time of seminar of new technology of new facility of new technology of prevention and cure of Sichuan province water pollution: 229—31 day ground nodded 7 years in March: Chengdu international conference exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Sichuan saves provincial capital of Sichuan of environmental protection bureau to press down water supply catchment assist Sichuan saves association of municipal the appearance of a city assist run an unit: Science of environment of province of Sichuan of association of industry of Sichuan province environmental protection learns Sichuan to save unit of specially invite of academy of environmental protection science: Sichuan of bureau of Wu of water of the Chengdu City saves chemical chemical industry to learn to undertake unit: Sichuan saves environmental protection bureau external conduct propaganda of media of limited company of exhibition of the couplet in Chengdu of economic collaboration center: Ozone of net of Wu of water of Sichuan of a network of rivers of China of net of Wu of water of China of newspaper of water of section of water supply of China of net of industry of industry of water of HC360 Hui Cong is online to catchment valve of pump of net of valve of pump of China of net of valve of pump of China of net of business affairs of conduit of China of network of dealer of water of China of net of Mercury of China of net of industry of online China water trades. [introductive] current, as a result of rapid development of economy, paid resources environment price is too big, water pollution problem has become the main factor that restricts health of masses of economic progress, harm, accordingly, administration asks strictly each district government must painful be determined to try to solve. Realize environmental protection “ to realize Sichuan provincial Party committee to save a government to be goal of 915 ” program, in 5 years in town sewage treatment plant will be built in complete province 139, among them class city 28, prefectural class city 111, increase processing capacity newly 3.77 million tons / day, raise rate of town sewage processing, let rate of urban sewage disposal amount to 70% above, the sewage disposal ability of the Chengdu City should achieve 90% above. According to program requirement, want to achieve above goal, my province still needs to invest nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of capital. This will be great pull move Sichuan and processing of circumjacent area sewage to reach for catchment project and development. Here, we are true-blue invite expensive unit to carry product of tall, new technology to participate in exhibition, project to negotiate. At the appointed time, sponsor an unit to will organize complete province to offer Wu of catchment, water treatment, water to supervise unit and urban construction, the more than 2000 home companies such as branch of designing institute of project of municipal water supply, environmental protection and relevant unit come round to watch exhibit and technical communication and project negotiate. Join meeting unit to offer for Lai Rong more high grade with considerate service, produce business for equipment of extensive environmental protection / the platform that distributors and professional user unit provide a commerce and communication, also bought the home to offer for each major a reference, understanding and purchase of all kinds the absolutely good room that gives catchment water treatment technology and new product. [07 exhibit can look into] accompany 2 years to come, those who prolong meeting dimensions and person energy of life is ceaseless climb litre, the influence that water of “ Chengdu international extends ” is in western the area is shown gradually, got the height of industry business takes seriously, the dimensions year after year of exhibition expands, quality year after year rises. Exhibit meeting dimensions 7 years to will expand, set beforehand exhibit more than 400, become China western implement consequence, scale most the biggest, attend the water industry brand with maximum number to exhibit. The corresponding period holds: Exhibition of industry of environmental protection of international of Chengdu of the 4th China. [limits of item on display] give catchment technology device (municipal, building, industry, fire control) : Net of tubal material, pipe fitting, conduit, canal detects establishment and construction technology; Equipment of water supply of valve, pump, weather strip, frequency conversion, decrease brace up lie between shake, insulation material and equipment; Sewage disposal equipment: The mixer, machine that blow mud, except corrupt equipment of surplus of machine, steam, depart except arenaceous machine, machine suction mud, grease machine of equipment, centrifugal, filter press, thickener, air-blower, aeration; Film reachs equipment of membrane separation technology: Pressure vessel of component of film, film, glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel pressure vessel, filter with separate facility; Water disinfection and bate divide salt: Chloric generator of ozonizer, 2 oxidation, ultraviolet ray is antiseptic implement, the equipment that add drug, add chloric machine, reverse osmosis, soft water implement, ooze of report of EDI device, magnetization, deoxidize implement, divide manganese except iron, except dirty; Water treatment drug and material (use water and drinking water with water, oil field to cooling water of catchment, loop, boiler) : Garrulous coagulates agent, clean water agent, block is dirty agent, corrosion inhibiter, antiseptic destroy alga agent, clear lotion, beforehand the material such as makings of inorganic agent of velar agent, anti-foaming agent, boiler water and ion exchange colophony, activated carbon, filling, filter and its use all sorts of drug such as technology, equipment; Water equipment: Machine of family expenses pure water, business uses pure water machine, water clean water of machine, family expenses implement, equipment of furnish of clean water fittings, fill; Instrument appearance and control a system oneself: Metric detect, analytic experiment, monitor, pressure, content, discharge, temperature, water meter, water analysis, sensor, change send implement, ark of transducer, control, system is compositive management; Container: Bucket of canister of cistern, lay aside, lay aside, can without lid, plastic container; Water scene, fountain, sprinkling irrigation, shower nozzle reachs control equipment, lighting equipment, swim pool equipment; Section water and liquid waste resource turn applied technology and equipment; Design of water project construction and seek advice, give catchment plot software, books and periodicals; Other is relevant technology and equipment. [rate] 1, 3M×3M international standard exhibits:  grave drinks heir addiction?500 yuan / abroad: Dollar 1500 yuan / (exhibit every deploy: Negotiate desk a piece, two chair, shoot the light electrical outlet of less than of bear of two small cup, 500W, the lintel that the coronal has unit name board together) 2, empty space (hire since 36m2) home: RMB 600 yuan / square metre abroad: Dollar 150 yuan / square metre 3, technical communication meets / news news briefing / special subject seminar: Exhibit “2007 Sichuan is held to save ” of seminar of new technology of new facility of new technology of water pollution prevention and cure during the meeting, the enterprise can apply for to hold a technology to communicate meeting and news news briefing. Communicate meeting limits to be able to be decided oneself by the enterprise. Sponsor an unit to provide technical communication ground (80—150 person) , enlarge sound establishment, boiled water, logistics and assistance organize the user inside the industry to participate in. Application enterprise shifts to an earlier date please so that application of a month is arranged. Rate: ① combination field 2
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