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Hotel kitchen utensils and appliances
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Shanghai flourishing amounts to goods and materials to come for a long time to reclaim of all kinds and secondhand goods and materials of useless old stock: Hotel facilities (kitchen utensils and appliances) Shanghai flourishing amounts to goods and materials to reclaim limited company major reclaims hotel galley equipment: Ark of work station of case of the ice machine, dishwasher, machine that cut course, evaporate rice, seafood evaporate box, stainless steel, ice, dish is worn, machine of the fort, water heater, lampblack that take off a platoon, meat chopper, full automatic kitchen utensils and appliances of machine of oven of microtome, disintegrator, report, oven burning gas, knead dough, light. And wine shop, hotel, wine cling to, dining-room, on the west the meal equipment that the complete a course such as nightclub of cake house, KTV handles; Beverage machine, water boiled water of equipment of machine, ice-cream machine, beer, buffet equipment, electricity implement, car of meal of box of hearth, platform, evaporate, evaporate, furnace is provided reach other meal equipment to wait. We are in charge of demolishing, clear, carry the work. Address: Shanghai Shanghai considers Dai Lu 388 Zip:201100 Tel: 86-21-54931426 Contact: Cao Fang forest HomePage: Http://www.shwdwz.com