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Ozone disinfection machine
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Release time: 2007-7-27

Period of efficacy: 2007-10-27

Company: One mark valve of Tianjin city creates limited company

Contact: Mr Hgx77() manager

Define: One, ozone brief introduction: After thunderstorm passes, in the forest, people can breathe a kind of special fresh air, actual it is ozone; Ozone weighs oxygen boosting again, 3 child oxygen, exceed oxygen to wait. Ozone is a kind of blue gas that has special fishy smell, proportion is larger than air, chemical type is O3, the element that compare oxygen became much a lively oxygen is atomic, easy decompose, lively sex is strong. Have extremely strong oxidisability.

2, ozonic is antiseptic principle: Ozone of certain pH indicator is contained in air (2~15ppm) , have extremely strong oxidation to the microbial internal composition such as bacterium, virus ruinous, can achieve exterminate a bacterium all sorts of bacteria such as virus of progenitive body, gemma, Jia Yi hepatitis, fungus and protozoon afterbirth bursa, the toxin that still can destroy fleshy poisonous bacili and establish a gram body of second family name. In the meantime, ozone still is had very strong except enzymatic, raw meat or fish, smelly the function that waits for organic peculiar smell, ozone can exterminate the bacterium in air quickly, be in antiseptic hind reductive into oxygen, without any remain and pollution, antiseptic of environmental protection of the green that be called. Ozone can be decomposed by oneself, below normal temperature about half an hour becomes oxygen. Ozone is the world's accepted wide chart, efficient antiseptic. Head of a list of names posted up ranks in sterilization disinfection, have extremely strong sterilization disinfection, deodorization and except peculiar smell ability.

3, ozonic security: Below 1-5PPM chroma, person short time stays (1-2 inside minute) , do not have an influence almost; If long (everyday 8 hours) fall in ozone environment, chroma should not exceed 0.05ppm.

4, use place: Course of study of factory of hospital, food, pharmaceutical factory, guesthouse, meal.