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GM-1 tall beauty does bubble sofa plane
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Release time: 2007-7-21

Period of efficacy: 2007-10-21

Company: Limited company of equipment of cleanness of Hefei Jia Disi

Contact: Ms. Jiadisi() manager

The function explains: 1, change voltage: 220V turns 12V into safe voltage, supply clear rinse head, use safety is at ease.
2, move bibulous and motor power: 350W—1000W freedom adjusts.
3, the rotate speed of head of the rinse that move Qing Dynasty: Clear rinse is not had extremely timing, of contented and different facing clean need.
4, contain insurance canal: Fault rate is low. Make bubble, scrub, blot can be finished at the same time, the job is convenient when the province, wash all sorts of cloth technically with Yu Qing art, the fiber cloth such as sofa, carpet.
1, chair of sofa, banquet, the head of a bed leans, wall blanket, mild package.
2, piece the blanket, parcel blanket such as stair.
3, the car of the vehicle such as car of plane, train, bus.
Applicable orgnaization: Guesthouse, hotel.