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Vapour cleaning machine
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Release time: 2007-7-23

Period of efficacy: 2007-10-23

Company: Limited company of science and technology of environmental protection of Nanjing La Dechen Nuo

Contact: Mr Njkarcher() manager

Define: Limited company of science and technology of environmental protection of Nuo of time of Nanjing blue ground is Germany triumphant gallop (distribute of Karcher) China accredit and after service supplier. And by Germany triumphant gallop accredit appoints whole set of sale and maintenance Karcher to install Germany to import clean equipment formerly.
Company main product includes: Wash ground machine automatically, sweep the floor cleaning machine of high pressure of car, cold, hot water, industrial cleaner, vacuum, aspiration is bibulous machine, gush takes type cleaning machine, vapour cleaning machine, industrial cleaner, carry machinery to wait a moment.

The tenet of the company is with top-ranking product, before perfect and making work professionally, carry out counteracts after service, the price that has market competition ability more will win a client. Because the company holds water to scrupulously abide by this one tenet all the time up to now oneself, make I manage the product of the sale is in maintenance of industry of the airport, municipal environmental sanitation, electric power, shipbuilding, plane and manufacturing industry, tobacco is made, course of study of colliery of food treatment, machining, metallurgy, petro-chemical, car is made, course of study of hotel, professional Bao Jie, car cleans hairdressing industry.