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Aquiculture is disinfected piece
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Release time: 2007-11-9

Period of efficacy: 2008-2-9

Company: Chloridize of love talking about a city learns to disinfect a company

Contact: Mr Tccasdic() business manager


Actor is chloric treasure of clean, fish, Yu Fengbao) : This tasting close matter for chloric amination, contain acerbity natrium of make water of cyanogen of 2 chloric different with effective chloric plan not less than 28 % , for white powder, have chloric smelly, it is a kind of admirable disappear poison bacterium administers bug drug. The disease that causes by bacterium, virus, helminth to fish has effect of prevention and cure, use at fish bacterium sex enteritis, sodden skin of branchial, bare, print and the descent that causes by bug of concealed whipworm, small melon sexual disease.

Usage dosage: ① clear pond: Every hectare dosage 7500 grams of 4500 ~ , after Wen Shuirong is solved total pool douse (dry pond) . ② dip washs: With 0. Dip of solution of 0001 % pH indicator washs 15 ~ 20 minutes, adult fish increases one times with medical chroma, can rise put nurturance to be led alive. ③ prevents disease: Depth of water 1 meter, every hectare dosage 900 grams of 600 ~ , dilute hind is even douse, half moon. ④ treats a disease: Depth of water 1 meter, every hectare dosage 4500 grams of 1800 ~ , cast 3 ~ 4 days repeatedly.

Word of card of Lu Wei disappear (2006) defends disappear word the 0019th number (2006) the 0213rd