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Avoid osculatory automata hand to disinfect implement
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Release time: 2007-9-6

Period of efficacy: 2007-9-16

Company: Limited company of technology of Wuhan Li Huixin

Contact: Mr Lihui()

This product uses infra-red light and control of microprocessor control system, it is to disinfect fluid pulverization to spray equably each place of upper limbs, undertake alexipharmic handling to polluting place. No-no: 1, the hand is disinfected implement installing, power source is not contacted please when cleaning. 2, use the effect to assure, choose venom of disappear of ability in swimming please, venom of stiff sex disappear is unwell use with this machine. 3, do not clean crust or cuting implements draw together to brush crust with the caustic liquid such as banana oil. 4, if do not use this machine for long, unplug please next power source outlet.

Additional, LHS30 series hand is disinfected implement configured technically still electronic-controlled door lock interface, pass special controller and electronic-controlled door lock join, make disinfect behavior and electronic door to accuse a system to be an organic whole repeatedly, clean system control has safeguard more.

Immerse with traditional basin type alexipharmic means photograph is compared, the hand disinfects implement have clinking advantage: More economy is substantial, improved work efficiency, make manufacturing cost is reduced considerably. It is the workshop of 20 people with an employee number, use 6 yuan / the disappear venom of 1000ml, wash his hands everyday each disinfection is 8 times exemple, annual but managing disinfection charge more than 30000 yuan

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