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Object and environmental surface are disinfected (2)
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(3) if be polluted apparently, if have the excessive outside contagious specimen or education other people, swash or containers esp. for use in the house,break, asperse fall at the surface, answer to be disinfected with disappear venom instantly, with 1000mg/L~2000mg/L effective bromine or effective chloric solution, or 0.2%~0.5% crosses oxygen second acerbity solution to be aspersed at polluting the surface, make disappear venom dip crosses contaminant face, maintain 30min~60min, brush again, the dip after mop is used at the 1h inside afore-mentioned disappear venom.
(4) if foregone be polluted by hepatitis virus or n/med tuberculosis bacili, effective chloric or effective bromic solution or acerbity solution of 0.5% second crossing oxygen wipe applied 2000mg/L, disinfect 30min

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