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Razor also wants to be disinfected by the standard
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The citizen arrives when the beauty parlor is tonsorial know, public towel must be disinfected according to the regulation. Besides, small arrive hair roll, razor such tool also is public articles for use actually, clean alexipharmic standard without what unite all the time however. Now, wholesome supervisory section is special made " hairdressing beautifies hair the alexipharmic measure of public articles for use " , these public articles for use disinfect fluid with what, immerse how to long wait for a problem to there is Zhang Ke follow now.

On September 5 morning, the reporter follows the staff member that Nanning city sanitation controls place, come to Nanning city new a barber shop of China street. Each pieces of stage is putting a bottle of liquid on the face, marking above " disappear venom " 3 words. There is the razor that tonsorial place uses in bottle. Barber says, every shave is over a client, razor has to immerse in replace disappear venom, can prevent alternate infection so.

Nanning city sanitation supervises place to supervise He Linfeng of 2 divisions deputy section chief to tell a reporter, because send,coil, the alexipharmic standard that did not unite razor, the operator of many beauty parlors also raised question to supervisory branch. Accordingly, supervisory department for a special purpose makes sanitation of not long ago gave this level.

According to introducing, the alexipharmic measure of public articles for use classifies the beauty parlor very fine, comb, hair curls, razor, push cut wait to have corresponding alexipharmic method. For example comb, hair curls etc beautify hair appliance should use venom of 2 oxidation chloric disappear, add of venom of a cup of disappear 5 kilograms of water, immerse 10 ~ can achieve alexipharmic result 20 minutes. Razor, push cut the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem is used when waiting for metal to disinfect 2 alcohol, can prevent rust.

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