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Small cut disinfection not is despised
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In daily study, job and life, because often can send the injury of peltry skin carelessly, be like: Abrade, cut an injury to wait, especially a few shallow and small cut often are not noticed by people, medical experts remind people: No matter cut size, depth, want to undertake seasonable and correct processing, if processing is undeserved, can cause cut haemorrhage, infection, fester, be met badly tetanicly and endanger life.

So, after skin occurrence cut, want to undertake be alexipharmiced strictly. Skin occurrence cut, integrality is destroyed, the bacterium had an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage, it is those who reduce a bacterium to inbreak, want to undertake serious disinfection to cut. Edible salt can be joined in cool plain boiled water, match brine of 1 % pH indicator, irrigate, conditional person, usable 0. The physiological saline of 9 % is rinsed. After rinsing, should besmear medicine of a few commonly used external use, wait like 2 % iodine or 75 % alcohol, the bacterium of such effectively purify cut, achieve the goal that prevents infection thereby.

Want to undertake wrapping up to cut. Wrap up material can choose chatelaine of bandage, handkerchief, list, red cloth to wait, the degree of tightness when wanting to notice to wrap up is appropriate, lest affect blood,circulate.

Anyhow, after the skin happens to injure in the home, if can undertake seasonable and correct original processing to cut, flesh wound need not go to a hospital, pass a few days to be met heal, serious injury also will be the cure of the hospital to create advantageous condition, achieve thereby shorten course of diseases, the purpose that makes cut cicatrizations at an early date.