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The silkworm body of method of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment disinfect
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In the bestrew on silkworm body fluid of a kind of medicine or powder, in order to prevent the method that silkworm disease produces. Commonly used silkworm body disinfects a law, basically be aimed at deadlocked disease. Deadlocked ill spore falls on silkworm body, if encounter appropriate temperature and humidity, meet via proper time moisture absorption expand, extend gemmiparous canal, wear silkworm body, in parasitism of the breed inside silkworm body, cause silkworm to come on. More general silkworm body disinfectant is used in be being produced at present, differ by the form of a drug have the dust, agent that smoke cigarette and fluid agent 3 kinds. Dust basically has the bleaching powder, white that prevent deadlocked, prevent disease 1 waits; The agent that smoke cigarette has actor chloric wait completely; Fluid agent has the spirit that prevent deadlocked 2. Silkworm body disinfectant begins from newly hatched silkworm commonly, every age remove silkworm to be used. The area that deadlocked disease often produces and season, in each age fill feed period increase, when already producing deadlocked disease, daily use, use consecutively counts day, till deadlocked is ill not recurrent till. To prevent deadlocked aurelian happening, must be in see ripe when scatter the pink that prevent deadlocked.